Horse Racing Directory List

Horse Racing Directory 2023

Feel free to browse our horse racing directory. We’ve looked online to find some of the best websites for forms, guides, forums, tips, streams and odds for horse racing. There are many unique sites out there that provide some really in-depth analysis on races and some handy tips which can help provide some excellent insights into racing.

We’ve listed our top 10 racebooks below, so if you’re looking to get started with horse racing betting, you can check the different sites and see which racebook is the best for you. If you’re looking for other forms of online betting.

Best Racebooks For Horse Racing Betting

Betting on the horses can be an exhilarating experience and with today’s technology you can now use state of the art racebooks from your mobile phone. Whether your at home, down at the track or at the pub, you can always make sure you’ve got your next horse racing bet covered by picking a site from our directory.

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Racing Forms & Guides

This collection of sites offer some awesome forms & guides for horse racing in Australia, Ireland, UK, US and other popular locations. Use these sites to find data and stats to help gain an edge with your horse racing betting. The guides are updated regularly and cover all popular meets around the world.

Horse Betting Forums

Betting Forums are a fantastic place to share ideas and meet like minded people. They’re also great places to pick up some tips that might be missed on the larger websites. You can also find some great conversations & ideas on sites like Facebook and Reddit. Having your ear to the ground can lead to more knowledge and hopefully more successful betting opportunities.

Racing News, Info & Results

Staying up to date with the latest horse racing news, information and race results is a great idea if you’re looking to place some winning bets. There is a great choice of news sites out there, from popular broadcasting companies like BBC with their dedicated horse racing section, down to country specific sites like Punters.

These websites provide the latest in news, up to date information, race fixtures & results and much more. Get familiar with these sites and save them in your bookmarks to stay up to date on the latest in world of racing and sports betting.

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Betting Odds

Just like in sports betting, finding the best odds is a great practice to employ in any horse betting strategy. This ensures that every bet you place gets the most value, and over the long run this can add up, saving you money & increasing your profits.

The sites we feature in our horse racing directory offer  a variety of information and up to date information for different horse racing events and their odds. These are excellent places to find different betting opportunities such as arbitrage. You can watch the races in real-time on on certain live streaming sites.

Horse Racing Tips

Sometimes betting tips come from unlikely sources, like an old friend or a random stranger in the pub. But if you search online there are some great resources that provide both free and paid horse racing tips. Many of the sources in our horse racing directory are trusted brands that have been involved in the industry for many years, gaining experience and insights that are valuable for punters who might need some guidance.


Watching the action of the race take place live is always the best way to enjoy horse racing. If you’re betting on a local race, chances are it could be on one of the TV channels. If that’s not the case there are a number of online sites that offer live streams, replays and other forms of racing media. These come in handy when your betting on a match from another part of the world, allowing you to enjoy the race live from your computer.