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Handicap Betting In 2021

Betting can be a fun way of supporting your favorite team and winning some money simultaneously. Handicap betting is one of the most popular types of online wagers placed at sportsbooks. This article looks into what makes a handicap bet and what sports you can put them on.

Maybe you are a betting fanatic and want to explore more options than just the total goals and the full-time result. Or, you are just getting started with betting, and you want to understand some of the betting terms before you invest your money. This article will focus on handicap betting and explore the two types of handicap betting – Asian Handicap and European Handicap, and how they work.

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What Is Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting is a betting option offered by bookmakers and is usually available on various sports, especially soccer. The central concept behind handicap betting is giving one team, mostly the weaker team, an advantage of goals or points before the match even starts. By offering a handicap, bookmakers can offer better odds for specific events occurring.

For example, team A is playing against team B. Team A is better than team B. Bookmakers will give team B an advantage by giving team A fewer points. i.e. “Team A -1.0” or “Team B +1.0”. This strategy means that when the game starts, team B will, by default, be leading by one point. When Team A scores and the game ends as 1-0 in favor of Team A, the game is a draw. In other cases, the draw doesn’t count, and the bookmaker refunds your money.

In simple terms, a handicap would mean betting for team A to win but taking one point out of their final score. You will see numbers like -1.0′, -2.0′, -3.0, and so on. It means the same thing, just more points deducted. Once you grasp the concept, it is straightforward to place a handicap bet.

The main point to remember when learning about handicap bets is that for a – handicap bet, eg. -1, you would need the team to win by more than 1 goal for the wager to win. While the + handicap gives you more room to win, so if your team draws or wins, the + handicap bet would results in a win.

European Handicap Betting

European handicap betting has the same concept of giving the weaker team an advantage of points. In some cases, you will the word three-way handicap used to describe the European Handicap. This is because the market offers three possible bets to bettors.

You can choose to bank on the weaker team with an advantage of points, the stronger team with the disadvantage, or a draw. Option three is what makes the European Handicap and Asian Handicap different.

Example Of European Handicap

Let’s take two imaginary teams. France Vs. Senegal. The European handicap betting markets would look like France (-1) and Senegal (+1), and there would be odds available for all three outcomes.

  • France (-1) – 1.50
  • Draw (-1) – 4.00
  • Senegal (+1) – 5.00

If France wins by two or more goals, then France (-1) bet wins, and if the game ends as a draw or Senegal wins, then Senegal (+1) becomes the successful bet. If France wins by exactly one goal, then the Draw (-1) bet is successful.

Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Handicap betting can be explained as a type of handicap betting where the odds set are based on one team. Usually, the weaker team is given an advantage with the provision of goals before the game starts. In Asian Handicap betting, the bookmaker can include half goals, quarter goals, and even three-quarter goals.

There is no option for a draw in this type of betting, leaving the possibility of only two outcomes. The bookmaker usually refunds any bets that end with a handicap draw in Asian Handicap betting.

Example Of Asian Handicap

In the France Vs. Senegal example above, the Asian handicap market would look like this:

  • France (-1) – 1.50
  • Senegal (+1) – 3.15

With this Asian handicap example, when France wins by a single goal, neither bet would be successful. The bettor will have their money refunded to their account. If France wins by two goals, then that bet would win. Simultaneously, the Senegal +1 bet would win if France loses or the match results in a draw. Asian Handicap lines are available in half goals, eliminating the chance of a tie.


If you a newbie to betting, the European Handicap would be a good introduction if you don’t want to bet the primary winner-loser market. European Handicap is simpler to understand than Asian Handicap because it does not use a half, quarter, or three-quarter goal strategy.

European Handicap is perfect if you know the teams well and are good at predicting one team’s strength over their opponents. You can find lots more info on sites where professional punters socialize. You can check out Facebook, Forums and Reddit betting groups to start.

Even though this guide is there to create an understanding of handicap betting, it is good practice to read through the rules behind each type of handicap betting and to bet responsibly. You can find some great betting tip sites that offer many predictions including handicap bets across the top Euro football leagues.

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