Betting Tools and Resources

Betting Tools and Resources To Help Improve Your Online Bets

There are many different ways that you can approach online sports betting. Some people like to back their favorite team every week, while sentimentally this makes sense, often it is better to use the latest news, statistics and betting tools to form the most educated decision on which team to place a bet on.

At Betting Directory we’ve searched around the web to find the best online betting tools and resources for 2023. The sites and tools we mention are unique in their own ways, so it’s wise to check them all out and see which one provides the best information for you. They can be used in a variety of ways to help with your online betting.

The sites cover a range of topics and offer handy tools like betting calculators, margin calculators, parlay calculators, betting print sheets, betting tips & strategies, match statistics and much more. There is a wealth of information available online and with proper research you can use these betting tools to help improve the success of your online betting. If you’re looking for a good US sports tipping service you can check out Sports Capping.


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Betting Tools

Arbitrage Calculator

This arbitrage calculator is an excellent help in determining if your sports arb opportunity will end up in a loss or profit. This betting tool is available thanks to Pinnacle. They also provide a range of other calculators & tools for sports betting.

Bet Calculator

This is a nice simple betting tool from Pinnacle that has everything you need to help calculate your bets using the three main types of odds. This is good if you don’t have a calculator handy and you’re planning some big bets.

betting tools and resources

Betting Terms

We’ve found a comprehensive glossary of the different betting terms used. You can search through it if you ever see a market or term mentioned that you’re unfamiliar with.

Margin Calculator

A margin calculator is a cool little tool offered by Pinnacle that converts odds into probability and let’s you know how much a bookmaker is charging you. This is great if you are looking around to find the best sportsbook.

Matched Betting Calculator

If you’re a strategic sports bettor then this matched betting calculator might come in handy. It helps with calculating if a matched betting opportunity will result in a profitable outcome.

Odds Converter

There are three main types of odds that are typically standard across most bookmakers. These are American, Decimal & Fractional. Depending on the part of world you live in, you may be used to a particular style. This odds converter from Pinnacle is a great tool to help you convert between the three formats.

Premium Betting Systems

betting resources and systems for tips

AccuScore – Sports Forecasting

AccuScore is a super handy service for anyone who enjoy stats & simulations. Their unique software simulates every single game from leagues including NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, College Football/Basketball and 10 main soccer leagues. This valuable data can be used to determine possible outcomes for sports matches and can help you to analyze your betting. You can sign up for AccuScore here.


There are numerous sites online that display up to date feeds with the latest betting odds available from different bookies. These sites are excellent tools if you are seeking the best odds, for example, those looking for arbitrage betting opportunities.


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Parlay Calculator

The team at OddsShark have created a nifty tool for calculating your parlay bets. If you regular place multi bets on sports, the tool can help you calculate those larger combinations.

Printed Betting Sheets

Covers offer a handy betting resource that old school sports fans will love. You can print out various sheets for NBA, NHL, NFL, NCAA, MLB and more. They provide some great data for sports fans focused on these US leagues.


Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet. There are a huge number of different communities (called Sub-Reddits) that are focused on different topics. These online groups are great to meet and chat with other sports betting fans from around the world. We made a page so you can check out some of the most popular betting reddits.

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Researching the past game history and statistics of sports teams is an essential part in successful sports betting. You can’t simply place a bet blindly and expect to get lucky all the time. While this may work occasionally, it is not an ideal betting strategy.

There are hundreds of sports statistics sites online that offer a huge amount of historical data. This information can be used to determine a teams past performance and stats, and is useful for determining which team/market to place a bet on. We’ve listed some of the top sports statistics sites below.