Some Suggestions On How To Spend your Winnings

Here we have collected a couple of suggestions on what you can do if you hit the jackpot when you gamble. You probably have some ideas of you own but here are some inspiration for you. If you’re an Canadian gambler you must visit a site that has the best casino bonus in Canada so you can maximize your winning chances.

Out Of This World Real Estate

Ok, so you’ve bought some property, but are getting bored of the same plots of dirt here on Earth. Why not buy property on the moon? Lunar Registry offers serious bidders a chance to buy acreage on the moon. And all starting for a bargain of just $30 an acre! Even a modest win on one of our many exciting slot games will give you a chance to do that.


If the amount won by a player is significant enough, a gamer can consider taking part in acts of charity. Giving back to society is one way that punters can use their gambling winnings in the bid to create a positive social impact in the society. Players can decide to start their charity organization, or they can decide to be part of an already existing one. There are many areas in the society that gamers can use as a way to give back.

Technology Upgrades

In today’s world of technology, there is always a new phone or computer or accessory that everyone is going crazy about. Apple releases a new iPhone upgrade every couple of years. I personally don’t worry about having the latest and greatest tech, because I don’t want to get caught in the trap of having to upgrade every couple of years.

It seems to me that it is just a ploy to get me to spend more money repeatedly. So, I often choose to save money by not upgrading or by opting for the older version. It doesn’t bother me that my technology is not the best, but every once in a while, there are some upgrades that I would like.That’s where my extra cash comes in handy!

I have used my gambling money to fix the screen on my tablet, to buy the sweet, noise-canceling, wireless headphones I had been wanting, and to upgrade some of the software that I use on my computer.


What is your dream destination? Maybe time to find out, now you have a chance to test several of them out. Maybe the north pole is the best and you did not have a clue about it. You can choose 5 of your favorites and then you ask around to get new influences that you wouldn’t have tried without you’re winnings.